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What is something you always talk about, but never do?

30 Nov

I always talk about getting back into shape, but I never exercise. Well not never maybe, but rarely.

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I used to be very active back in grade school and high school playing volleyball for the varsity team in our school. In college, I wasn’t exercising or doing any sports, but I love walking around. I used to walk from our school to the nearby mall and back. Probably because I wasn’t earning money then and I was very careful in spending that if it’s a walking distance, I’d rather walk than ride a jeep. I was doing the same thing when I started working, but as I earn more, I became lazier. I’ll take a jeep even if it’s walking distance. If it requires 2 or more jeep rides, I’ll take a cab. Baby Daddy was the same. I was weighing 100 lbs before and he was probably around 140 to 160 lbs, yes he was thin back then. Now I’m at 120 lbs and he’s at 220 to 240 lbs.

I can probably shed of those extra 20 lbs if I exercise. I tried, I even signed up at the gym in our clubhouse. By my laziness gets the better of me. I’ll go to the gym for 3 days maybe when I feel guilty about my weight gain, then stop going again. We have a pool where you can do laps, but I don’t. The only exercise I have right now is doing house chores and running after my kid. I’m still thankful though that despite this, I never became overweight. Mind you, I eat a lot and I’m not kidding. Sometimes, I eat more than Baby Daddy does lol! But maybe one day, just maybe, I’ll have an active lifestyle again 🙂