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Busy Bee

2 Dec

I wasn’t able to post anything yesterday because I had to go with my kid to his field trip. I salute all teachers! I don’t know how they do it. Seriously, just 10 minutes in a bus full of kids and I was already getting a migraine attack. It was a stressful and exhausting day, but it was fun. My kid had a blast! We went to Philippine Air Force Museum, Jose Rizal’s execution site in Luneta, Manila Cathedral, Mall of Asia for lunch, Manila Film Center, GSIS Museum, and Star City. The last leg of the trip felt like a workout lol! I was so tired I didn’t even bother having snacks when we got home. Anyway,¬†I’ll post about these places later on. Ciao!


What is something you always talk about, but never do?

30 Nov

I always talk about getting back into shape, but I never exercise. Well not never maybe, but rarely.

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I used to be very active back in grade school and high school playing volleyball for the varsity team in our school. In college, I wasn’t exercising or doing any sports, but I love walking around. I used to walk from our school to the nearby mall and back. Probably because I wasn’t earning money then and I was very careful in spending that if it’s a walking distance, I’d rather walk than ride a jeep. I was doing the same thing when I started working, but as I earn more, I became lazier. I’ll take a jeep even if it’s walking distance. If it requires 2 or more jeep rides, I’ll take a cab. Baby Daddy was the same. I was weighing 100 lbs before and he was probably around 140 to 160 lbs, yes he was thin back then. Now I’m at 120 lbs and he’s at 220 to 240 lbs.

I can probably shed of those extra 20 lbs if I exercise. I tried, I even signed up at the gym in our clubhouse. By my laziness gets the better of me. I’ll go to the gym for 3 days maybe when I feel guilty about my weight gain, then stop going again. We have a pool where you can do laps, but I don’t. The only exercise I have right now is doing house chores and running after my kid. I’m still thankful though that despite this, I never became overweight. Mind you, I eat a lot and I’m not kidding. Sometimes, I eat more than Baby Daddy does lol! But maybe one day, just maybe, I’ll have an active lifestyle again ūüôā

Atty. Jose Midas P. Marquez

25 Nov

This video has been circulating for couple of days now.


Just because he reacted that way doesn’t automatically mean he’s gay. And so what if he is? You don’t need to be a straight guy to be a successful Supreme Court Spokesperson.

Epic Fail For the Day

23 Nov

This really pissed me off today. I made an application for a copywriter/marketing/sales assistant on oDesk posted by a certain James Smith. It says on his profile that he’s from an Australian company. So he contacted me via email and asked for my resume. Then yesterday, someone contacted me via SMS asking if I’m available for an interview. This is just for a part-time job, probably 2 hours a day mind you. The interview happened today. I was surprised because it was a Filipina and she said she’s from a Filipino company called VOA. I was confused, I though I was applying for an Australian company. Then she said I was referred online. I asked her what she means by that. Turns out the guy who posted the job opening on oDesk was just doing referrals. I was already on the verge of telling the girl I don’t¬†want¬†o go through the interview anymore, but I was playing it nice.

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So here’s how our conversation went:

VOA: so I have your resume here, can you tell me more about your work experience as a virtual assistant in *** and as an article writer in ***?

Me: I worked for *** as a virtual assistant for almost a year doing blah, blah, blah (entailing my tasks). For ***, I was writing articles for a website called How To Do Things. Blah, blah, blah (telling her about the kind of articles I wrote).

VOA: Oh ok, good. we’re actually looking for article writers for our company. This job is for inside our company and not for a client. I see here you have experience as an article writer. Can you tell me more about that.

(I was already getting a headache at this point because of her. I just told her about my work experience as an article.)

Me: Yes, that was what I said earlier. (So basically I had to repeat what I told her earlier) I was writing articles for a website called How To Do Things. Blah, blah, blah (telling her about the kind of articles I wrote).

VOA: What school are you from?

(I seriously wanted to answer her with something like “I¬†thought¬†you had my resume?”)

Me: I studied college in ***.

VOA: If you were to write an article about our company, what would be its title?

Me: I think that would be a very good question once I get to know more about your company. I don’t think I could write about something I’m not familiar with.

VOA: How proficient are you in using the computer and MS Word to write articles?

(This was the last straw. I’ve been working for almost a year as a virtual assistant. Prior to that, I was working in a call center for 5 years. And lastly, I studied BS Computer Science in college. What makes you think I don’t have experience using MS Word?)

Me: I studied BS Computer Science in college, so yes, you can say I’m very proficient in using the computer.

Seriously?! Just a piece of advice for companies. I’m no expert in recruitment, but getting people like her to interview your applicants is such an epic fail. The interviewer makes a huge impression about your company. Get people who knows what they’re doing. Interviewers, please try to review your applicants resume. My resume was just a 1 page doc, thus giving her no reason to not see my background information.¬†Don’t ask questions which are obviously stated in the resume. It just makes you look stupid. Are you seriously gonna ask someone who studied Computer Science if they are proficient in using MS Word to write articles? Hell I could even write programs for you lol!

Needless to say, I withdrew my job application. Such a waste of time ūüė¶

When is it ok not to practice the golden rule?

21 Nov

One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

I think it’s a matter of personal perception though. I believe what’s good for me is not¬†considered¬†as good for everyone. Other people might want to be treated differently. As long as you know you’re not hurting anyone or you’re not stepping on anyone’s toes, it’s¬†OK¬†not to religiously follow the golden rule.

When is it a good time to quit?

11 Nov

I am stubborn. I think everyone is, one way or another. But when is it really a good time to quit? No one can say for sure. It depends on the situation I suppose. But if it’s doing you or someone else more harm, then I say just quit it.

I’ve quit on a lot of things when I got pregnant.

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I quit smoking. Not because I wanted to live a healthy life, but because I know it was going to be bad for my baby.

I quit my job. Not because I’m a lazy-ass but because the doctor¬†advised¬†me to. I had early contractions so I had to be on¬†complete¬†bed rest on my 3rd trimester.

I quit my computer games addiction. Staying up late at night and not sleeping at all for 2 or 3 straight days just to play online games is not good for me nor the baby.

Fireworks smoke linked to UK crash that killed 7

7 Nov

Fireworks smoke linked to UK crash that killed 7.

This got me really scared earlier today. Baby Daddy’s still in London, his flight to Manila is later today. I know they were out seeing places so I got really worried. Good thing he replied right away when I sent him an SMS. He was nowhere near the area when the road mishap happened.

Thank you Lord!