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Shop At Your Fingertips

16 Nov

I love shopping. Lately though, I’ve become too lazy to go out. Sometimes I even feel bad when I buy something because I don’t have that much use for it. I still have pairs of shoes I bought this year that are still unused. Baby daddy bought me some Coach bags when he went to US late October and they’re still in their paper bags lol! Anyway, these are my top 2 sites. I don’t think you can shop via their website, but at least you would know what their new stuff are and the prices are also posted in there. I find it very useful because I hate spending too much time in a shop.

I’ve always loved Mango. Check out some of their new stuff.

Square Neck Dress (PHP 13950)

Straight-leg cropped jeans (PHP 2250)

Animal print t-shirt (PHP 595)

And of course, Zara.

Some of their new stuff.

Tulle dress with sequins (PHP 4990)

Pinstripe blazer (PHP 4590)

How I wish Forever 21 has a local shop site too…