Late Lunch at Lusso

17 Oct

Me and baby daddy had to run some errands today while the baby is at school. He’s going out of the country for a few weeks for a business trip so we got a lot of stuff to do. After going to the bank, getting driver’s license renewed, and getting the documents needed for his travel, we decided to give the much talked about foie gras burger in Lusso. Lusso is a quaint, little fine dining restaurant in Greenbelt 5. They serve French and Italian dishes.

Php 210

I can’t remember what they call this exactly in the menu, but the server said that this is their bestseller for appetizers. In case you’re wondering what that green thingy is, it’s watercress mixed with Gorgonzola cheese. This is the bomb! We came to Lusso for the burger, but this is definitely what’s gonna make me come back for more.

Lusso Foie Gras Burger (Php 595)
US beef, Cambozola bath, Prosecco onions

We decided to split the burger because it is  quite big. The foie gras is hidden inside the burger pattie, and it comes with some greens with vinaigrette, fries, and melted Cambozola cheese. The burger was good, but you could barely taste the foie gras. Baby daddy couldn’t even taste it at all. Maybe because we like our foie gras more as pan seared or as a pâté.

Greenbelt 5
Makati City, Philippines


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